When does my probation start?
Probation starts on your court date, after your case has been adjudicated.

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1. How do I contact Probation Services?
2. What are the acceptable forms of probation payment?
3. Can I make my probation payments online?
4. When does my probation start?
5. Can I make my payment at any City Office?
6. Can I mail in my payment?
7. If I pay my fine in full, will my probation be terminated?
8. Can I report to the probation office at any time during normal business hours?
9. When is the office open? Is it open on weekends or holidays?
10. If I call the probation office and it is closed, can I leave a message?
11. Can my employer call and obtain information about my probation?
12. What court does this Probation Office serve?