Utility Bill Payment Online

The City of Grovetown has an additional payment option for customers interested in using a check, their debit card, or a credit card to pay their bill.

Open Edge is a trusted third-party automated payment service that allows you to pay your bill online.

  • Bill payments can be made at any time, 24/7, 365 days a year
  • You will need your "customer or account number" from your printed billing statement to complete your bill payment
  • You may request your customer number by calling the City of Grovetown at 706-863-4576, ext. 450
  • Additional fees may apply

How to Use Service

Customers will need the following to pay their bills:

  1. City of Grovetown account number (located on your billing statement)
  2. The balance owed on your bill (you may call Utility Billing if this information is needed)
  3. Your payment method: Credit card or debit card

Important: The City of Grovetown is not liable if you receive a disconnect notice and do not call our office before making payment. Your services may be disconnected and will be subject to a reconnection fee. If you are disconnected, your account balance plus a reconnection fee will need to be paid in full before services are reconnected. If you are currently disconnected and make an online payment, your utilities will not be reconnected unless you contact our office to inform us of the payment. The City of Grovetown allows up to 48 hours after we receive payment to reconnect any services.

City of Grovetown Utilities are NOT affiliated with doxo.com, a third-party website that allows people to pay their bills online. Doxo.com may charge the customer additional fees, and the City of Grovetown cannot control when we will receive the payments from doxo.com, possibly resulting in a late payment from the customer or even disconnection due to non-payment. To ensure timely payment and to avoid unnecessary interruption in service, we advise all our customers to use the official City of Grovetown online bill pay system at: https://www.cityofgrovetown.com/249/Utility-Bill-Payment-Online

The recommended web browsers are Google Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.