Fleet Maintenance


The Fleet Maintenance Department of the City of Grovetown works to ensure that all city vehicles are available, dependable, safe to operate, cost effective, and energy efficient. This department performs preventive maintenance and routine, repairs, installs equipment and decommissions equipment when it is no longer useful to the city.

The Fleet Maintenance Department is responsible for vehicles and pieces of equipment throughout the city fleet from riding lawn mowers to fire trucks. 
Working on an engine.

Vehicles in the Fleet

The fleet consists of vehicles ranging from compact cars to large dump trucks, sewer cleaning equipment, police cars and fire fighting apparatus. Equipment ranges from push mowers and pumps to large construction equipment.

It is the job of The Fleet Maintenance Department to ensure that city vehicles and equipment are available, dependable, safe to operate, cost effective and energy efficient. The Fleet Maintenance staff is an integral part of the city's management team.