Public Safety

Police and fire protection in the City of Grovetown are provided by the Department of Public Safety. Services include law enforcement and community policing, fire protection and education, vehicle extrication and rescue, medical first response and other related services. The Department of Public Safety main office is located at 306 East Robinson Avenue.

The Department of Public Safety main office houses fire station #1, the Criminal Investigation Division, the Records Division and the office of the director. A secondary fire station is located at 5555 Harlem Grovetown Road.

The Grovetown Department of Public Safety also provides these services in the unincorporated area just south of the city limits, under contract with Columbia County. View a map of the Columbia County Fire Response Area and Station Locations (PDF).

Members of the Department

The men and women of this department are dedicated to the good health and protection of all of Grovetown's residents. As such, the department is responsible for enforcing laws, administering regulatory programs, managing records, educating the public, and managing emergencies, both directly and through interaction with other agencies.

Law Enforcement Division

The Law Enforcement Division is dedicated to improving the quality of life in the City of Grovetown and its suburbs by preserving the peace, protecting persons and property, and controlling disorder by enforcing laws and ordinances within the city.

It offers many services to the community such as concentrated patrols, house watches when residents are away from home, K-9 Unit.  Neighborhood Watch Programs, "National Night Out", Safe House Program to assist local residents in the fight against crime.

Fire/Rescue Division

The Fire/Rescue Division has the mission of first responders, both for fire and rescue. The mission of the Fire Department is to minimize injuries, deaths, and property loss resulting from fires, medical emergencies, and other disasters which occur in the City of Grovetown.

The Department of Public Safety has achieved a Class 2 Insurance Rating. This rating provides local residents the best possible rates on their business and home fire insurance. 

The Fire Suppression Division also operates a Fire Safety Education Program through the use of the city's Fire Safety House. This unique hands-on experience gives children and their parents actions to take should a fire occur at home. This free education program has served as a key tool in providing the E.D.I.T.H. Drill to more than 2,500 students every year.

Department Goal

The goal of the Grovetown Department of Public Safety is to provide the best law enforcement, fire protection and rescue services available. The dedicated men and women of this department are proud to serve our community and residents of the City of Grovetown.