Water-Sewer Program
If your water service has been suddenly interrupted and you do not know the cause, please call the Utility Billing Department during normal business hours at 706-863-4576. If you have water service problems after hours due to an emergency situation, call 706-863-1212.

Customers should contact the Utility Billing Department to report water leaks, main breaks, water quality problems or sewer related problems at 706-863-4576.

City of Grovetown Utilities are NOT affiliated with doxo.com, a third-party website that allows people to pay their bills via their site. Doxo.com may charge the customer additional fees, and the City of Grovetown cannot control when we will receive the payments from doxo.com, possibly resulting in a late payment from the customer or even disconnection due to non-payment. To ensure timely payment and to avoid unnecessary interruption in service, we advise all our customers to use the official City of Grovetown online bill pay system at https://www.cityofgrovetown.com/249/Utility-Bill-Payment-Online instead.

Water/Sewer Rates- Residential (Inside City)

< - 3,000 Gallons $17.65 $14.45
3,001 - 10,000 Gallons $5.90 per thousand $4.85 per thousand
10,001 - 20,000 Gallons $5.95 per thousand $4.90 per thousand
20,001 - 30,000 Gallons $6.00 per thousand $4.95 per thousand
30,001 - 50,000 Gallons $6.05 per thousand $5.00 per thousand
50,001 - > Gallons $6.15 per thousand $5.10 per thousand
For list of additional water/sewer rates, please click here.